Welcome to the Visitor's Locker Room... A place where Michigan Tech Huskies fans from around the world can proudly display their MTU jerseys. While this is not a guestbook in the traditional sense, here we encourage visitors to leave their mark by submitting their jerseys for display.

Note - Please review the following submission suggestions:
  • Lay the jersey flat with the arms down at that sides (see below)
  • Photograph both the front and back of the jersey
  • Digital photos via email are encouraged, however you can mail us prints and we'll scan them
  • Any info you can provide about the jersey is appreciated, or we'll do our best to research it
  • We respect your privacy - if you wish, you can request that we post the jersey anonymously

  • Player's Name and Years (If known)
    Your Name (Optional)
    Your Hometown (Optional)

  • Neat Features?
  • Interesting Story?
  • Anything Else?

  • Mat Snesrud   1999-01
    Contributor:   Dustin Pomprowitz
    Home Rink:   Green Bay, WI

  • WCHA 50th patch
  • Snesrud nameplate removed
  • Konkel was a 01-02 recruit

  • Brad Patterson   2000-02
    Contributor:   Anonymous
    Home Rink:  

  • WCHA 50th patch
  • Nameplate is not attached
  • Captain's "C" removed

  • Quinton Krueger   1996-97
    Contributor:   Nancy Krueger
    Home Rink:   Stillwater, MN

  • Nameplate removed

  • Travis VanTighem   1996-97
    Contributor:   John Slowaik
    Home Rink:   Las Vegas, NV

  • "A" has been removed

  • Mike Hauswirth   1989-91
    Contributor:   Anonymous
    Home Rink:   Aspen, CO

  • Fabric jersey tie-down in back
  • Sewn on WCHA patch

  • Frank Loconsole   1979-83
    Contributor:   Anonymous
    Home Rink:   Richmond, MI

  • Worn with pants
  • Only used a couple seasons
  • Very snug fit over gear

  • Lubos Krajcovic   1996-98
    Contributor:   James Hein
    Home Rink:   Anchorage, AK

  • Name not attached
  • Photographed loose on back

  • Michael-Lee Teslak   2007-08
    Evan Witt   2009-10
    Contributor:   K. Crozier
    Home Rink:   UP of Michigan

  • Name has been removed

  • Tony DeLorenzo   2000-02
    Nick Anderson   2002-03
    Contributor:   Anonymous
    Home Rink:   Aspen, CO

  • Nameplate change
  • Anderson switched to #10
  • WCHA 50th patch

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